Sex is a physical effort. And like any physical activity, there is a probability that injury occurs during exercise. Here the list of the most common sexual accidents with more or less serious consequences.

1. Muscular strains. Cramps are the sexual wound # 1. If you like acrobatic positions during making love then you probably also felt muscle cramps due to body and sex fatigue. You burn up to 200 calories per half hour making love! And since sexual arousal releases endorphins that reduce the experience of pain, many don’t realize they’re hurt until sex is over. No wonder that cramps are the sexual injury # 1!

You should always pick sex positions that are comfortable for you to avoid muscle cramps. Other tips are to better adjust your hips angle or support your body weight using your partner’s hands.

2. Bumps and bruises. Head banging, falling out of bed, taking a table corner; this happened to all of us. Fortunately, these injuries are often not serious.

These injuries may be avoided with lots of pillows to create a soft nest in and around your bed. Your pillow can also be used to try new positions.

3. The slippery shower. Need more explanation? Sex in the shower is often a risky business: in particular in very small showers looking for the best position. Be careful and keep always a look on any grip you can catch if you slip… This will save you an unwanted slump.

4. Fractured Penis. Fracturing his penis is not so rare! It may happen during hard sex since  your penis’s tunica albuginea can tear when subjected to violent bending forces. Pain is sometimes accompanied by some hematoma which can be important.

How to react? 

  • No shame. You should not be ashamed. This is an very well-known accident that can even occur when sex is not brutal.
  • Ice. Put ice to slow the formation of an hematoma. Ice should not be applied directly on the skin, but in a plastic bag isolated wrapped in a hand towel.
  • Consult a urologist quickly. He will will examine your penis and decide what to do (evacuate the hematoma, sew the tunica albuginea or another surgery).

No reactions, What are the risks?

If you wait until it passes, you expose yourself to complications. Your albuginea will heal, but perhaps at the cost of a curvature of the penis. You may find yourself with a penis with a right angle in the middle! On the other hand, poor healing can lead to erectile malfunctions. In addition, your urethra may have been damaged during the fracture and your hematoma may be difficult to cure. In overall, it is best to consult immediately and without complex an urologist.

5. Misuse of sex toys. Sex toys can bring that touch of extra fun in the bedroom. But they can just as easily create embarrassing situations if they are misused or improperly seated. Therefore, use them only in the provided cases. Always keep a tube of lubricant at hand: it minimizes friction and reduces the infection risks.

6. Muscle constraction. Intense orgasms can pull muscles (for example in the neck) resulting in a more or less petrification of your neck.

A good massage is the best way to cure this injury.

7. Pet attack. Beware of the one we call the best friend of man. Attention especially to dogs, but also cats, who will defend their master if he finds himself in a delicate situation. And so, if you are making a little too much noise, it can sometimes become aggressive. Regarding goldfish, no aggression have been experienced so far.

8. In summary.

Most common injuries during sex. They are in order of frequency: Pulled muscle, Back injury, Carpet burns, Cricked neck, Bashing elbows / knees, Bruised shoulder, Twisted knee, Sprained / strained wrist, Sprained / strained ankle and Bending fingers back.

Most dangerous sex locations. They are in order of frequency: Sofa, Stairs, Car, Shower, Bedroom, On a chair, Kitchen table, Garden, Lavatory, On a work cupboard.

Most commonly broken items during sex. These are in order of frequency: Bed frame,  Wine / pint glass, Picture, Chair, Tea cup, Wall, Chest of drawers, Door, Window, Vase.