You do not feel good in your body anymore? You want to lose some weight by skipping rope? The following tips and diets will help you get your weight back and thus feel better in your body.

Rope Skipping

Muscle tonification and appropriate diet

Do not try to lose weight too fast. Set yourself two months to make a first assessment.

During this period and to achieve a more complete muscle tonification you can combine skipping to a body weight exercice such as Overhead Squat, which will enable you to increase your metabolism and thus lose faster weight. Overhead Squat strengthens the large muscles of  your body: quadriceps in the thighs, buttocks and back-ends.

Squat Egger or Overhead Squat video

Our Training Tips to Lose Weight


  • 5 minutes of rope,
  • 30 squats,
  • 30 seconds of rest,
  • 5 minutes of rope,
  • 30 squats
  • … etc.

The entire duration of the training is 30 minutes . Squat exercices have to be performed steadily but not too fast. It is necessary to finish a series of 30 squats without being winded.

This sport session should be repeated three times a week during two months at least. Your muscles will not grow, but simply invigorate.

Our Food Programme

During these two months try to avoid sweet and cakes. Prefer an apple or nuts (almonds, hazelnuts and walnuts) for your mid-morning snacks. During main meals reduce by half the proportion of butter, or better, replace the butter by canola oil or olive oil. Also reduce the proportion of fat cheese. For the rest continue to eat normally. This should be largely sufficient to allow you to reduce your weight, and getting back your well-being and self-confidence.

Good training! And Change your way of life