Here a free video (Michael Burton) compilation from a certified health and safety instructor (Sunshine Meeks) to help you wrap a wrist, hand, shoulder, foot, or leg by using an ace bandage to limit movement, to ensure the injured area is thoroughly supported and treating injuries of the joint to heal. Tip: never wrap the ace bandage too tightly!  I needed this when I hurt myself on my new jumping stilts.  I've since got a lot better on them!

Foot being wrapped in bandage. Photo: Getty

Wrap your wrist with an Ace bandage. A tip: Always include the wrist and forearm when wrapping a wrist.

Wrap your hand with an Ace bandage.

Wrap your Foot with an Ace Bandage. Wrapping a foot using an Ace bandage is appropriate when the foot is merely sprained and does not require medical attention!

Wrap your Shoulder With an Ace Bandage. Wrapping a shoulder using an Ace bandage requires that the victim remain completely still while wrapping the bandage around the shoulder and under the arm, across the chest and around the back.

Wrap your leg with an Ace bandage. When wrapping a leg in an Ace bandage, use an overlapping technique for added support and check the victim’s toes for warmth to make sure it is not wrapped too tightly.

Tell if your Bandage is too tight. An Ace bandage might be wrapped too tightly around a hand or foot if there is skin discoloration around the edges of the bandage or if the fingers begin to get cold and tingly.

This blog is only informative, see your doctor for professional and qualified advices.